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US Flag Quilt Block

picture of the US flag quilt block

Here is a fun novelty quilt block to make, great for patriotic quilts.

the grids of the US flag quilt blockHere are some grid lines that will help you see how this block is put together. As you can see, it can be equally divided into 4 parts, each the size of the Sawtooth Star quilt block.

Here is an example of how to calculate the sizes of the pieces of this block.  A Simple Measurement for the Sawtooth Star is to have it finish at 6 inches.  That means the block to the right must also finish at 6 inches (6 1/2 inches raw) , and the flag will finish at 12x12 inches (12 1/2 inches raw.)

Lets start with the section to the right of the star and the width of the bars.  The length of the bars is easy- it is 6 1/2 inches raw, same as the star.

Now you need to figure the width of the bars.  You have 4 of them, and they need a raw measurement of 6 1/2 inches to match the star when joined.

Divide 6 1/2  inches by 4 and you get  1.625.  Now you need to add the seam allowances.  That is 1/2 inch raw for each bar.  1.625 plus .5 is equal to 2.125 inches. So the width of each rectangle you cut is 2.125 inches raw.  That is 2 1/8 inches on the ruler.

Makes your Sawtooth Star referring to the instructional pages, if necessary.  Cut your upper rectangles and sew them together, per the picture.  Attach the two units with the vertical seam.

Cut your lower horizontal rectangles at 2 1/8 x 12 1/2 inches raw.  Sew them together per the picture. 

Attach the top and bottom piece and you are done.

This block is a square.  If you wanted to make it more realistic, you could add another grid and make it a 9-patch block.

Give this block more personality if you like by either fancy cutting the center of the Sawtooth Star quilt block, or piecing it.  This is a simple block to make your own.



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