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The Pinwheel Split Quarter Quilting Block

picture of the split quarter pinwheel qullting block

The Split Quarter Quilting block is a fairly easy 4-patch quilt block to make. In the Beginning Blocks Section, instructions are given on how to make a Split Quarter Square Triangle Quilting Block.

the grids of the 4-patch pinwheel split quarter quilting blockThe pinwheel layout is just a way to arrange four of them, so that they make a pinwheel design. On the Split Quarter Quilting Block page you will see several ways to arrange these quilt blocks.  They are a great basic quilt block, and knowing how to make them is a "must have" quilting skill.

Refer to the directions on the Split Quarter Quilting Block page.  Make four of these blocks. Then arrange them as shown in the pictures.

You are going to have 8 seams intersecting in the middle of the block.  Some quilters like to press all the seams open, so there will be less bulk in the middle.  Others think that it weakens the quilt too much.  How much bulk you have will depend on the fabric that you use.  There will be less bulk with lighter fabrics, and you may not want to weaken the quilt by pressing the seams open.

This is a block that looks good over the whole quilt area. Have some fun with it.



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