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Quilts and Personality

a log cabin quilt with a floral and autumn personality

Every Quilt should have a personality. This is what makes it interesting and gives it character. It doesn't cost any extra money to give a quilt character. It just requires a little frugal thought.

Some of the quilts known for their personality are Amish, Log Cabin, and Vintage Quilts. All of these quilts get their personality from one of the design principle below.


Color is always one of the first things to attract your eye. It is one of the first things to give personality to a quilt. No color stands alone. Colors evoke emotion. See.

A quilt in shades of all one color (monochromatic) has a very different personality than a quilt made from bright primary colors. Some strong color schemes are black and white, black and white, Autumn colors, and children's bright colors. A quilt with a strong color scheme will always have personality.


Fabric encompasses all the things that give personality to a quilt- color, pattern, design, etc. When it comes to design, there are two types of fabrics. The stars are the fabrics will a lot of impact. They are the dynamic fabrics, and are usually cut up as little as possible. The workers are fabrics which can be cut up to make designs like stars, or provide a background for the stars or a place for the eye to rest so the quilt will not be too busy.

When you piece an intricate design, that design becomes one of the stars of the quilt.

Fussy Cut Squares

A fussy cut design is always a "star". Fussy cuts are usually made from novelty fabric, or beautiful floral prints or other prints. Sometimes it is an embroidered piece of cloth, like redwork. The way the Fussy cut squares are accented with the rest of the fabric on the quilt give the quilt character.


You have two types of pattern in a quilt. You have the pattern of the fabric, and the pattern of the quilt blocks. Your fabric pattern comes in the way of like plaids, checks, stripes, geometric designs, floral prints, batiks, etc. How you arrange the blocks of your quilt provides another pattern.

In a quilt made with pastel pinwheels, the dominant feature would probably be the color. However, if the same quilt was made in black and white, the pattern would dominate.


One block, repeated over and over in the quilt, like the pinwheel or the shoofly, makes a strong statement.

Sampler Quilts

Sampler Quilts are a fun way to try out a lot of blocks. To make them pleasing to the eye, you must unify the blocks in some way. Most of the time this is done with sashing trips and cornerstones. The character in sampler quilts often comes from the colors or the repetition in the sashing strips and corner stones.

Scrappy Quilts

Scrappy quilts have a relaxed personality. When there are a lot of prints in a quilt, every print has a "friend", and the colors and patterns all work together.

The log cabin quilt at the top of the page is a frugal, scrappy quilt, made from one of Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day patterns. The most dominant feature of this quilt is the stars. Yellow is a strong color and will always come forward.

There are many ways frugal ways to give character and personality to a quilt. Make your quilts memorable with your fabrics, color and design.

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