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The Pinwheel Star Quilting Block

The Pinwheel Star Quilting Block

The Pinwheel Star Quilt Block is a 4-patch block, that is further divided into 16 grids.

This quilt block looks difficult, but is actually very simple. It is made with squares and half square triangles, and it uses value so that both the star and the pinwheel stand out.

The block at the top of the page is made from batiks.  You need a lot of contrast between the background and the pinwheel and star blocks.  The block would have scanned better had I used darker fabric.  In person it is very beautiful.

the grids of the pinwheel star block

I made this block using simple measurements.  Each grid finishes at 2 inches.  It makes an 8 1/2 raw block.

To make it easy, I used all half square triangles.  However, if you want to eliminate some of the seams, you could make flying geese units for the outside of the block.

Here are the grids.  Just make your half square triangles and squares and piece  and press

This is one of those blocks where you need to lay out the units on a big square ruler or a piece of cardboard and then take to the sewing machine.  It is easy to get confused on how to place each piece.

The can be a frugal, scrappy block by using value instead of color.  You could use a dark color for the pinwheels, and a medium color for the other star points.

This is an easy block that is very beautiful.



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