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The Jacob's Ladder Quilting Block

the jacobs ladder quilt block

The Jacob's ladder quilt block is another quilting block that makes use of value to give it a strong sense of diagonal movement. You can make this block frugal and scrappy if you use value correctly. 

the grid lines of the jacob's ladder quilt block This is a 9-patch block, which can be further divided into 36 sections. Using simple measurements, I made this block with each subdivided grid finishing at 1 inch.   That makes the block finish at 6 inches.

If I had made the block with the small units finishing at 2 inches, the block would have finished at 12 inches, which was too large for me. 

If I didn't want to use simple measurements, I could have used 1 1/2 inches for each subdivided grid, and that would have made a 9-inch finished block.

There are four half square triangles in this block, and  five 4-patches. The value is darker in the half square triangles than the 4-patches.

Make your units, lay them out as show, and sew them together. Use good piecing and pressing techniques.

This is a very easy block. Review the sections on half square triangles and 4 patches, and you should not have any problems.



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