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Christmas Ornament Quilting Block

picture of a christmas ornament or bulb novelty quilt block

This is a fun quilt block to make.  It is great in a Christmas Sampler quilt, or in smaller projects for the wall or table. You can even make it very small,  and use it as an ornament on the Christmas tree.

This is a Novelty quilt block.  Many Novelty quilt blocks are paper pieced, because they have such unusual shapes.  However this block can be put together as patchwork.

the grids of the Christmas bulb quilting blockIf you look at the general shape of the bulb, you can see that there are 6 grids across and 6 down. Also notice that the bottom strip covers the width of the block and is put on last.  There are also 2 side strips of the background fabric that are put on the bulb section when it is completed.  (This is easier to see on the top picture)

Let's take this block row by row, beginning at the top.  We will use Simple Measurements, with each grid finishing at 1 inch.

The first row consists of 2 wide rectangles and a smaller vertically placed rectangle in the middle of the row. The vertical black piece looks to be a little less wide than half the size of one of the grids Cut that piece, and then attach the wide rectangles to both sides.  Then trim the piece so that it is exactly 6 1/2 inches wide.  Be sure and trim it so you equal amounts of background fabric on each side of the vertical black piece.

The second row and fourth row are made the same, with a directional change in the 2 half square triangles.  You could attach a half square triangle to both sides of a rectangle, however to have fewer seams,  make a rectangle to cover 4 grids and then use the snowball method with the background fabric to get the diagonal line.  Review the snowball instructional pages if necessary.  Be sure the diagonal line runs in the correct direction.

The center of the ornament  is just one wide rectangle.  You could piece a thin strip of fabric on each side.  If you want to do that, just cut down the size of the strip.  However, this block is a great opportunity to apply some embellishment with trim. Use ric-rac, gold braid, lace or any decorative flat trim on the edges of the rectangle. You do not have to worry about the cut end of the trim, as it will be sewn into the side seam.

Piece the sides, and the bottom with the background fabric, and you are done.

Lots of possibilities with this block. Some other embellishment ideas- use a fabric like satin for the bulb, ribbon in the middle of the block, or  sew little beads on the block.

Have some fun with this one and display it when Christmas comes again.



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