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The Wishing Ring Quilting Block

The 5-Patch Wishing Ring Quilt Block

The Wishing Ring Quilt Block is a 5-patch quilt block. It is very frugal, simple block to make in all sizes. 

the grids of the wishing ring quilting blockLooking at the grid lines, you can see that there are 5 patches across, and 5 patches down.

As you can see, there are 8 half square triangles in this block, and 17 squares.

If you plan for each grid to finish at 3-inches, the block will finish at 15 inches.  If you plan the patches to finish at 2 inches, it will finish at 10 inches. 

the Goose in the Pond Quilting Block 5-Patch The 5-Patch Wishing Ring Quilt Block

It is very common for 5-patch blocks to finish at 15 inches, as does the Goose in the Pond Block. Since there are fewer 5-patch blocks than any other grid.

It is hard to use simple measurements when you are breaking up the grid on a 5-patch unless you are just using squares or half square triangles.  As you can see from looking at the Goose in the Pond block, those small 9-patch blocks are a lot easier to cut making larger 3-inch patches than they would be with 2-inch patches.

The above block has a very Amish look about it. If done in soft pastels, or with floral fabrics, it would have a very different look. This is a fun and fast block that you won't get confused making. Have some fun with it.



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