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The Tulip Quilting Block

picture of the tulip qullting block

The Tulip Quilt Block is a very sweet little block. It is also very easy to make.

the grids of the tulip quilt blockYou can see the blocks in the grids of the picture.  This block is a 4 patch, further divided into 16 smaller grids or sections. The top left is the only section which uses the smaller grids. It is divided into 4 patches, with the green square representing the bud in the picture on this page.

The top right and bottom left are half square triangles. They each take up 4 of the smaller grids.   The bottom right takes up the last of the 4 small grids, and is a solid square.

Looking at the grid lines is how you calculate the size of each section of this Simple Measurements and planning each small grid to finish at 2 inches, you cut the small squares 2 1/2 inches raw.  (The top two squares can be cut as a rectangle, at 4 1/2 inches raw, although with this block that section might look better as a 4 patch block.)

The half square triangles will finish at 4 inches.  Refer to the instructional link if needed. The large square on the bottom right will also finish at 4 inches.

You can make this block larger by adding a border on all sides. Or you can make them small, and put a grouping together with sashing.  With this block, when you put 4 of them together, with sashing, and point them outward, you get a beautiful star block.

Have some fun with this versatile block.

picture of the layout of 4 tulip quilting blocks



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