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The Tulip Quilting Block (2)


a pieced tulip quilt block


Here is another cute and easy tulip quilt block.


grids of a tulip quilt blockYou can see the blocks in the grids of the picture.  This block is a 9 patch, further divided into 36 smaller grids or sections.  The top right is the only section which uses the smaller grids.  It  is divided into 4 patches, with the green square representing the bud in the picture on this page.


There are 3 half square triangles in this block. They each take up 4 of the smaller grids.   The rest of the block can be made in squares and rectangles.


Looking at the grid lines is how you calculate the size of each section of this block.  Using Simple Measurements, and planning each small grid to finish at 2 inches, you cut the small squares 2 1/2 inches raw. Your half square triangles will finish at 4 inches. The center square will be cut at 4 1/2 inches raw.

Refer to the instructional link if needed for the different units.


Quilters love their flowers, whether they are pieced or printed on the fabric.  Have some fun with this one.




Quilt Sizes

tape measurer


Miniature <36"



  any size



Baby 36x36 up to 52x52
Lap 52-68 x 52-78


Twin 64-72 x 86-96
Full 70-88 x 88-100
Queen 88-99 x 94-108
King 94-108 x 94-108




The Quilt Gallery

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Beautiful and Creative quilts made with the frugal blocks featured on this site. 




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