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The Sister's Choice Quilt Block

picture of the sister's choice 5 patch quilt block

The Sister's Choice Quilt Block is a very beautiful 5-patch quilt block that is relatively easy to make.  It is all squares and half square triangles.

You need to be very accurate with your half square triangles if you are making the grids small.  If you are making the patches to finish at one inch, you may want to oversize the half square triangles and cut them down, so they will be perfect.  There is not a lot of room for error when making small patches. Larger patches have more stretch.  The smaller the quilt block, the less give, and the greater need for accuracy.

picture of the grids of the sister's choice 5 patch quilt blockThe center of the block is a 9-patch.  If you are making a lot of these blocks, you could make strip sets.  As you can see from the picture, the key in making this block, besides value, is to make the outside row of star points the same color as the squares they come off in the 9-patch..

Then it is just a matter of placing a few more squares around the block.

This is another frugal block that makes good use of leftover bits of fabric. It is a great block for a sample quilt, and goes well with other 5-patch blocks.




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