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The Rose Quilting Block

picture of the rose quilting block

At first glance, the Rose Quilt Block looks like it needs to be paper pieced. However, when you look at the grids, you can see how easily it can be pieced.

the grids of the rose quilting blockThe center block is made first.  If you look at the grids, you can see that the rose is a 9-patch turned diagonally.

Start by making the smallest grid first. In this example we will be using Simple Measurements, and plan each grid to finish at 2 inches.  So at the very top of the rose, the square for the bud would be cut at 1 1/2 inches raw, as well as the patch to it's right.  Above is a rectangle composed of 2 grids, so cut it at 2 1/2 inches. Sew these pieces together.

The center square, which is black in the picture, takes up one grid, so it is cut at 2 1/2 inches raw. The green leafy part of the rose can be made using the snowball method.  Cut a rectangle to cover 3 grids (6 1/2 inches raw), and the attach a 2 1/2 inch raw square of yellow at the end of the rectangle, sew the small square on the diagonal, and turn it back. (Refer to the snowball instructional page if necessary.)

Finally, you add the triangles on the 4 corners. These will be Half Square Triangles so the outer edges will be stable.   Again, follow the instruction on the Half Square Triangle page.  (You will be cutting 2 triangles in half diagonally).

Be aware as you sew these units together, in order for them to fit, you have to put them together in a certain order.  First you put together the 9-patch.  You put the 4 grids on the top right together, and then add the either the left or right green rectangle, depending on which one you made smaller.  The last step making the 9-patch is to add the longest green rectangle.

Once the 9-patch rose is together, add the corners, being sure to add opposite sides first, press, and then the final two corners.

This is a beautiful flower. It is lovely in a sampler quilt.



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