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The Ohio Star Quilting Block

the Ohio Star Quilting Block

The Ohio Star is a very popular quilt block.  It is frugal, and easy to piece, once you learn how to make quarter square triangles

 It is very difficult to mess up this block.  It is a beautiful block and very rewarding for the beginning quilter.

the grids of the Ohio Star Quilting BlockAs you can see from the grids in the picture, the block is a 9 patch.  There is a square in the center, squares in the corners, and 4 quarter square triangles along the outside.

Besides the star shape, when you make this block you also see a secondary pattern of a square in a square in the center of the block.

If you are going to make this block using simple measurements,  and you want to make 3 inch patches in your grids,  you would cut the center 3 1/2 inches raw

 Review how to make your quarter square triangles.  Those blocks add 1 1/4 inch raw to the squares you sew together.  So you would cut the squares 4 1/4 inches raw

The squares in the corner would be cut 3 1/2 inches raw.

the seams of the Ohio Star Quilt BlockAnother great thing about this block is that the seams are so cooperative. Most of the seams press towards a plain square, so you don't have to deal with a lot of bulk.

Just be sure when you start pressing the blocks that you press towards the squares.  You can see in the picture that in both the top row and the bottom row of the block the quarter square triangle blocks are pressed towards the corner squares.

In the middle row the seams of the quarter square triangle block are pressed toward the middle.  All the seams are going in opposite directions, which makes for great piecing.

Try making this beautiful block with a different fabric in the middle, or breaking up the grid into another design, like a 4 Patch.  

One last reminder- there are a lot of star points on this block.  Sew accurately so that you will have the 1/4 inch seam allowance from the tip of the stars to the edge of the fabric.  You don't want to ruin this block by cutting off the star points when you sew it to another block.



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