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The Heart Quilting Block

novelty heart pieced heart block

Quilt blocks made to look like hearts are a favorite for many quilters. 

There are many ways to make them.  Some are a lot easier than others. The picture above is a very simple and frugal way to make a heart quilt block.

the quilting grids of a novelty heart block

I made this block using several black fabrics.  All you have to do is cut small squares and lay them out as illustrated to the left.

Then you trim up the block.  If you are making a table runner, and do not need a perfectly square block, you can leave it as is.

When you trim this block, but sure that there is 1/4 inch left on the top for piecing.  Then measure the height of the block, and cut the width the same measurement.

This is a fun block to use up bits and pieces of fabric.  My squares were cut at 1 1/2 inches raw.  I just went into my scraps and pulled out several small black pieces.  The block finished at 6 inches raw.  It is a great frugal way to use up even the smallest pieces of fabric. 

Again, a warming about pressing.  I was extremely careful to finger press every seam before I put the iron down one time.  Repeated pressing makes indentations on the top of the block from all the seam allowances.  Also, with such small blocks, any distortion would be noticeable.



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