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The Bear Claw Quilting Block

the bear claw quilting block

The Bear Claw is another classic quilting block that is frugal and easy to make.  There are several variations of this block. You can make it simple, like the above picture. Or you can make it in groups of 4, with the claws all pointing outwards, sashing between the rows and a square in the middle.

In the picture at the bottom of the page, I just used the above block in my quilt.  I did break up the large square and made those grids a half square triangle.

the grids of the bear claw quilting block

It is easy to see from the grid lines on the picture that this is a simple 9 patch made up of squares and half square triangles.

Using simple measurements,  using 2 inches for the size of the finished grid, you would cut the large block, which covers 4 grids 4 1/2 inches raw.

The half square triangles would finish at 2 inches.  Use one of the quick piecing methods on the half square triangles page.

It is a simple matter to just sew the blocks together, being careful you don't cut off the points. Be sure and review the 1/4 inch patchwork basics if necessary.

The picture below is one of my quilts with this block.  I used a fleece batting, and machine quilted in the ditch to finish it.

This is not one of my favorite quilts because I have found I do not like the flannel type batting. See Quilts and Batting. However, I do like the look.  To give my quilt personality,  instead of a plain square I used a large half square triangle instead of a plain square, and a lot of plaids.

You have lots of options with this block. It looks great in Autumn colors. Or you can light it up, as I did in the picture below.

picture of a frugal bear claw quilt



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