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Basic and Building Blocks

plain square quilt blocks

Squares and Rectangles


icon of the half square triangle quilt block

Half Square Triangle


icon of the quarter square triangle quilt block

Quarter Square Triangle


icon of the split quarter square triangle

Triangle - Split Quarter Square


icon of the 4-patch quilt block



icon of the connector quilt block



icon of the flying geese quilt block

Flying Geese


icon of the square in a square quilt block

Square in a Square


icon of the squares in the corners quilt block

Squares in the Corner


icon of the cornered 9-patch quilt block

The Cornered


Beginning Blocks


icon of the birds in the air quilt block

Birds in the Air


icon of the bowtie quilt block



icon of the diagonal squares quilt block

Diagonal Squares


icon of the diagonal steps quilting block

Diagonal Steps


icon of a pinwheel quilt block



icon of the rail fence quilt block

Rail Fence


icon of the shoofly quilt block



icone of the snowball quilt block



icon of the split 9 patch quilt block

Split 9-Patch


icon of the spool quilt block



Favorite Quilt Blocks


icon of the bear claw quilt block

Bear Claw

icon of the churn dash quilt block

Churn Dash

icon flower basket quilt block Flower Basket
icon for i spy quilt block I Spy
icon of the irish chain quilt block Irish Chain
icon of the Jacob's Ladder quilt block

Jacob's Ladder

icon of the log cabin quilt block Log Cabin
icon of the maple leaf quilt block

Maple Leaf

icon of the snail's trail quilt block Snail's Trail 



9 patch in squares sawtooth star quilt block

9-Patch and Sawtooth Star


icon of the crown star quilt block

Crown Star



icon of the double star quilt block

Double Star



icon of the evening star quilt block

Evening Star


icon of the evening star quilt block

Evening Star



icon friendship star quilt block

Friendship Star


icon of the Ohio Star quilt block

Ohio Star


icon pinwheel star quilt block

Pinwheel Star


icon of the sawtooth star quilt block

Sawtooth Star



icon square in a square quilting block

Square in a Star



icon of the 9-patch square in a star quilt block

 Square in Star



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The Quilt Gallery

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