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The Chevron Log Cabin Quilt Block

picture of the log cabin chevron quilt block

The Chevron Log Cabin quilt block is one of many variations of the Log Cabin Quilt Block.  Instead of building around a square block in the center. this block places the square in the corner of the quilt.  The the logs are added one at a time to each side of the square until the desired size of the square is reached.

The block can be altered by changing the size of the logs, or the starting log.  There are many ways to arrange these blocks when completed, as with the standard Log Cabin Quilt Block.

This block can be used by itself or placed with similar sized other style Log Cabin Quilt Blocks.  While value is of utmost importance in a traditional Log Cabin Quilt Block, it is often disregarded with this block.

the grids of the chevron log cabin quilt blockReview how to make the Log Cabin Quilt block from the instructional pages.  When you make this block, just follow the same technique.  You can make your block scrappy or you can use similar fabrics.  If you make them with a planned color scheme, you will want to cut strips the width of your logs to make the process go quicker.

Although there are some quilters who cut out the log sizes in advance, most people just attach the strips one at a time, and the cut the strips after they sew them to the block.

The above pictures of the grids is not as clear to follow as the picture at the top of the page. You can see in the picture the yellow square in the corner, and the first step, which is to add the blue horizontal square.  Then you add a log under those two squares.  Then you add a vertical log.  Next a horizontal log, and so forth.

Be sure to add the proper amount of logs so that your block is perfectly square.  Referring to the picture with the grids, you can count six grids down, and six across.

Here is a picture of a section of a Chevron Log Cabin Quilt to inspire you.  As you can see, the combination of these blocks can be very beautiful.

picture of a chevron log cabin quilt.



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