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The Little Ship Quilting Block

the little boat quilting block

This Little Ship Quilting Block is a fun and easy to make block. It is a good block to use in sampler quilts for little boys.

This is a simple 4 patch block, which is further divided into 16 grids. Using simple measurements, if you plan each grid to finish at 2 inches, the block will measure 8 1/2 inches raw.

the grids on the little ship quilting blockYou can from the picture of the subdivided grids that this block is made from squares, rectangles, and half square triangles.

You can make your background light and have dark sails, or, if you want to stay true to the color of sails, you can do what I did and make a dark background with light colored sails. 

It is easy to see the squares and half square triangles. The bottom is one sold piece.  Since it covers all 4 grids, you cut it 8 1/2 inches raw.  I used a striped fabric that blends into the background fabric.

Remember to be accurate cutting and sewing your triangles so you have your 1/4 piecing allowance at the top of the sails so you don't cut off the points when you sew this block to another piece of fabric.

You can do some creative piecing with this block.  If you make it with larger grids, you could break up the bottom strip and put some fish in the water, or perhaps some stars in the sky.  You could also use a fabric that looks like wood for the hull of the ship. 

You could even do some appliqué or sew on something that looks like an anchor or a pirate at the bow.  Notice the clipart picture of this ship on the Blocks page at the top of the Novelty Blocks Section. You can see how this block would look using a sky fabric, and a textured hull and sea fabric.

This is a great foundation to do something unique and make a darling pillow.  Be creative and have some fun with this cute little ship.



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