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The Lightning Quilting Block

picture of the lightning quilt block

It is pretty easy to see where this quilt block got it's name. The way the blocks are put together make a jagged, rickrack line. This is a fairly easy block. It is a 4-patch, make with half square triangles.   Using Simple Measurements, it will finish at 8 inches or 12 inches.  However, this is an easy block to size up or down.  All you have to do is change the size of the half square triangles.the grids of the lightning blockThe key to this block is value, and how you turn the grids.

Review the page on how to make half square triangles..  Then just follow the setting of the half square triangles in the picture to make the blocks.

Below is a picture featured in the Quilt Gallery of a quilt made using the Lightning setting and with only half square triangles.  It doesn't even have a border, but it looks great. Quilts without borders look a little more vintage. When our ancestors made quilts, they usually didn't have enough fabric for borders, so they didn't use them.

picture of a quilt made with half square trianges in the lightning layout.



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