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The Ice Cream Cone Quilting Block

picture of the ice cream cone novelty quilting block

This is a fun novelty quilt block that is easy to make.  Novelty quilt blocks are usually put in sampler quilts. This is a great one for a child's quilt.

the grids of the ice cream cone novelty quilt blockAs you can see from the grids, this block is made from squares and half square triangles.You are dealing with 16 grids.  There are a couple places where you can combine the squares and make rectangles, but it is pretty easy to see you will be making a lot of half square triangles.

Using simple measurements, this block will finish at 8 inches or 12 inches.  However, when you are only dealing with a a couple blocks, it is much easier to alter the size of the block.

Follow the direction on the links that lead to the instruction pages.  Sew the squares together, carefully pressing and nesting the seams. 

Make up a few of these in bright colors with simple measurements to match your other blocks.  Then when you are ready to make a quilt for charity or for a child, you can just attach them with sashing strips and make a speedy quilt.



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