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Quilting and I Spy Quilts


picture of a monkey on a quilt block


I Spy quilts are fun quilts for children.  They are easy and frugal to make. I Spy quilts are bright and colorful, and full of pictures that kids enjoy.


I Spy quilts are usually fussy cut so that the pictures in the fabric are placed in the center of the blocks. Sometimes I Spy Quilts are made out of large squares.  I've put a picture at the bottom of some of the fabrics I had on my design board when I made my last quilt. You can also a few fabric here:  Charity Quilts


the snowball quilting blockIf you want to make blocks, just design a grid with squares and rectangles. They don't have to all be the same design, just the same size.


Simple blocks lend themselves well to I Spy quilts, such as the snowball quilt block.


I Spy quilts can be busy.  You can throw out the rules about having a place for the eye to rest.  You want the quilt to be busy, because you make a game out of the I Spy Quilt.


If your child is young, you can ask them to find a picture, such as a dog or a fire truck.  If they are older, you can ask them to find something that starts with a letter of the alphabet.


Some quilters are very technical with their I Spy quilt.  They have a block for every letter in the alphabet.


Have some fun with your children or grandchildren.  Collect fun prints, make one for your little ones, and make one for charity.



novelty fabric for kids and I Spy Quilts



Quilt Sizes

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Miniature <36"



  any size



Baby 36x36 up to 52x52
Lap 52-68 x 52-78


Twin 64-72 x 86-96
Full 70-88 x 88-100
Queen 88-99 x 94-108
King 94-108 x 94-108


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