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The Hour Glass Quilting Block

picture of the hour glass quilt block

The Hour Glass Quilt Block is a very simple 4-patch block that is made up of 4 Quarter Square Triangle Blocks.

Review the instructional pages on how to make a Quarter Square Triangle Quilt Block.

Then sew the blocks together following the above picture.

This is a great block to mix with other blocks, use in a sampler quilt, or use with lattice. This makes a great frugal and scrappy quilt. You can give it a scrappy sashing also.

If you want to combine it with other blocks, I've put an example at the bottom of page of combing this block with the Rail Fence block.   If I were making this quilt with a Rail Fence block,  I would make the Rail Fence with 4 strips.  That would simplify the math.

I would use my 2 1/2 inch raw strips that I save, and the block would finish at 8 inches.  Then I would size the Hour Glass Quilt Block to finish at 8 inches also.

This is another easy, but delightful block that can make a very interesting quilt. The one I designed below is monochromatic.  It is in shades of green, with a little aqua.  The quilting police will tell you to put lots of different colors in your quilt.  I am fond of brightly colored quilts, but I also find monochromatic quilts very peaceful and restful.

Have some fun with it, and do it your way!

layout of the hour glass quilt square with a rail fence quilt block



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