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The Goose in the Pond Quilting Block

picture of the goose in the pond quilt block

The Goose in the Pond is a 5-patch quilt block.  It is a frugal quilt block to make because it is fairly simple, and like most 5-patches, it is a large block.

the grids of the 5-patch Goose in a Pond quilt blockLooking at the grid lines, you can see that there are 5 patches across, and 5 patches down. This is a very easy block to make using simple measurements.

As you can see, there are 12 half square triangles in this block, 5 squares, 4 rail fence blocks, and 4 9- patch blocks.

If you plan for each patch to finish at 3-inches, it is easy to make.  The half square triangles can easily be made to finish at 3-inches.  The 9-patch units, although they are little, are an easy cut at 1 1/2 inch raw strips.  The same goes for the rail units. The squares are cut 3 1/2 inches raw.

It is a bit more difficult if you want to make a smaller block.  The math is more difficult, the cuts on the ruler harder to make, the the 9-patch is very small.

With each unit finishing at 3- inches, the block ends up measuring 15 1/2 inches raw. That is a large quilt block, and makes quick piecing.

The Goose in the Pond quilt block with an applique star in the centerThis is a very dynamic block.  In the block pictured at the left, I have attached a small star.  This star was cut with one of the new die cutters.  Die cutters are NOT frugal.  However, if you want to appliqué, they do make easy work cutting out shapes.

I like to fuse Wonder-Under to the fabric before I run it through the die cutter.  When the shapes are cut, you peel the backing off the paper and they are ready to be fused in place and then sewn down.

As you can see from the picture, the center stars cut perfectly in the die cutter, and add a little extra pop to the block.



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