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The Goose Chase Quilting Block

the goose chase quilting block

There are many blocks called Goose Chase, made with the flying geese patch. This is one of the easier blocks. The block featured on this page is a 5 patch block, as you can see from the picture below. 

The block above is made with simple measurements The flying geese finish at 2x4 inches. Each grid is 2 inches finished.  The center square is cut 2 1/2 inches raw.

the grid of the 5 patch goose chase

There is one trick to this block. When you first look at it you may think that all you need to do join 3 flying geese patches and then put the square in the center.  However, if you look at the picture, you soon realize that doing so would be difficult.

If you join the flying geese first, you are going to have a problem getting the square in the center. It can be done, but it involves at lot of right angle seams, and is not easy.

The two picture below show first the wrong way, and then the correct way to lay out this block for piecing. Notice the black lines between the rows in the second picture.

goose chase block laid out wrong for piecinggoose chase block laid out correctly for piecing

The easy way is to do this patch is to make 3 rows as shown. Sew the units together as shown, and then sew the rows together. Follow correct piecing and pressing techniques, and you shouldn't have any problems with this block.  Just be careful with your points on the top of the flying geese.  Make sure you don't cut them off when piecing.

This block finishes at 10 inches raw ( with each grid finishing at 2 inches). The block is a favorite for Autumn quilts and samplers.



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