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The Geese Run Quilt Block

picture of the geese run quilt block and setting

The Geese Run quilt block is a square quilt block, but it is also an example of how geese quilt blocks are put together in rows.

You can put the above square Geese Run block in a sampler quilt, or put it with other blocks, but it is much more common to see rows of geese running in the same direction. There are 2flying geese blocks in the above block, but if you are making a row of geese, you would just keep adding geese to the row one at a time until you reach your desired length.

Review the instructional pages to make the flying geese blocks.  When you sew them together, just make sure you don't cut off the points.

The secret to making a stunning Flying Geese Quilt is to let the fabric do most of the work for you.  The rows of geese are usually placed between strip of fabric-  usually a stripe or a big print.

Choose your big print fabric first, and then choose the geese fabric from the colors in the print.  Below I've attached a picture of a Flying Geese Run quilt setting.  In this case, because the geese are black and green, it looks like a Christmas quilt. The floral fabric is also a small print, so it doesn't make as big an impact as a stripe or large floral.

Be sure there is a strong contrast in the value of the geese and background.  Flying geese quilts are most commonly made in Autumn colors, but you can use any color scheme you like.

Everyone loves flying geese quilts, whether they are queen size or table runners. Make yours unique and fabulous!

picture of a flying geese quilt in the running pattern.



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