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The Garden of Eden Quilting Block

the garden of Eden Quilt Block

The Garden of Eden Quilt Block is another 5-patch quilt block. This can be a very easy block to make by using all squares and half square triangles.

the grids of the garden of Eden Quilt BlockLooking at the grid lines, you can see the 5 patches across, and 5 patches down.

When the dark sides of the half square triangles are put together, they form the 4 squares. To easily make this block, you can cut all the squares in the block 3 1/2 inches raw, and make all the half square triangles 3 1/2 inches raw, and then just sew them per the placement above.

If you want to get rid of some of the seams, you could cut rectangles for the vertical and horizontal strips, or use the square in a square technique over 2 grids.

If you plan for each grid to finish at 3-inches, the block will finish at 15 inches. If you plan the patches to finish at 2 inches, it will finish at 10 inches.

Here is a visual of some of  5-patch blocks featured on these pages. They are done in a bold, Amish type design, but as with all quilt blocks, you dramatically change the look of the block and quilt with your fabric choice.


the garden of Eden Quilt Block with 2 other 5-patches. the propeller quilt block with 2 other 5-patches. The wishing ring quilt block with 2 other 5-patches.



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