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5 Star Quilt Projects

picture of a quilt with both a sawtooth quilt block and a ohio star quilt block

Artist Liz

This little quilt features an Ohio Star surrounded by a Sawtooth Star. The border is a checkerboard pattern. Red and white quilts are classic.  It is great design.

picture of a quilt with Ohio star quilt blocks, and a black background

Artist Leaha

This quilt features Ohio Stars with a black background. The combination of the blue stars with the lime green squares is dynamic. Quilters can be timid when it comes to using black. Once you try it, you use it again and again.

picture of a tablerunner with sawtooth stars

Artist Ruth

This lovely table runner displays sawtooth stars.   The design as well as the unusual colors are what gives this table runner personality. Notice how the solid colors used in the star blocks have been pulled from the border fabric. This piece has a very festive and elegant appearance.


picture of a scrappy quilt with ohio star blocks and shoofly quilt blocks

Artist Donna

This sunny scrappy quilt has a lot going on. Can you pick out the shoofly quilting blocks and the Ohio Star quilting blocks? These are all made with the basic building blocks - half square and quarter square triangles. It is interesting the way the blocks merge. The quilting is also very nice. This is a great scrappy quilt.


picture of a quilt with stars made with the split quarter square triangle

Artist Rachel

This beautiful quilt has stars made from split quarter square triangle blocks. There are so many ways to make stars, and we love all of them. Can you believe that Rachel has only been quilting for about a year? Look how much charm this quilt adds to her Holiday  decorations. It is just beautiful. You can't put a price tag on that.



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