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2 Sampler Quilts

picture of a sampler quilt with many colors and blocks.

Artist TP

This is a partial picture of a sampler quilt.  Notice the variety of the blocks as well as all the colors in the quilt. Yet all the shapes and colors work together. I think this is helped by the vertical rows of squares between the larger blocks, which gives repetition to the quilt.  As you can see from the picture, sampler quilts can be colorful and you can look at them a long time admiring the blocks.

Picture of a sampler quilt with an Autumn green background

This pretty sampler quilt has a wide variety of squares, including some embroidered squares.  It is unified by the green background fabric, which is used for the fabric strips on the sides and tops of the blocks Notice the sashing squares, which are placed at the corner of the blocks to give separation to the different block styles.



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