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3 Small Pinwheel Projects


picture of a little quilt using just the pinwheel quilt block


Artist Abby

This little quilt shows how using just one block, in this case the Pinwheel Block, can make a cute project.  I love the way Abby has quilted the triangular shapes of the pinwheels, and also channel stitched around the border.  The white border makes the piece feel sunny and fresh.  It is a great home accent, whether it is displayed on a table or hung on a wall.


picture of a placemat made with pinwheel blocks


Artist Cowgirl

This placemat shows you how much impact just a few pinwheel blocks can have in a project.  The soft lines of the beautiful floral fabric are a nice contrast to the straight lines of the pinwheels.  It is just beautiful.


picture of a novelty quilt with tractors and pinwheel quilt blocks



Artist Joan


Joan McConnell is a self-taught quilter of 20 years from Vancouver, WA  She has done a great job on this quilt choosing the colors for the pinwheel quilt blocks and the border,  from the novelty tractor print.  What little boy wouldn't be delighted with this quilt?  To add icing to the cake, she found the fabric at a garage sale for less than $1.00 a yard.  Now that is frugal!  Pinwheels...from elegant to playful.




Quilt Sizes

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Miniature <36"



  any size



Baby 36x36 up to 52x52
Lap 52-68 x 52-78


Twin 64-72 x 86-96
Full 70-88 x 88-100
Queen 88-99 x 94-108
King 94-108 x 94-108


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