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Panels and Cheater Fabric

a quilt that uses fussy cut angels

Artist Ronda

The angels in the center part of this quilt were all fussy cut and then surrounded by stars and squares of fabric.  It is creative and adorable.


A holiday tablerunner that 
makes use of fabric panels

Artist Belmer

Notice the use of panels with this table runner.  The panels are the stars of this quilt. The 9-patches are the supporting players. The construction and the fabric make for a very elegant table runner

a novelty quilt using panels and squares: theme University of Utah Utes

Artist Babs

This quilt was made for a fan of the University of Utah Utes.  It is hard to make quilts for the guys, but this one is a home run.  Great use of the team colors and panels


A novelty quilt made with baby Letter panels.

Artist  Loro Lee Quilts, Milverton, Ontario

This baby quilt is adorable. It is soft and whimsical.The printed squares are adorable. This quilt is tied, which keeps it soft and fluffy, and adds to its charm. This is a large quilt, but I cropped it so you could get a good look at the beautiful fabric. There are so many ways to use panels. They are a great tool for the frugal quilter.



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