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Log Cabin Quilt Pictures

picture of a large log cabin quilt

Artist CJ

This is a very large log cabin quilt, still on the longarm quilting machine above. The colors on this quilt are beautiful.  You can get a much better look the quilt in the closeup picture below. It is amazing what a longarm quilter can do with a quilt. The stitching is exquisite.  What a piece of art!

closeup of longarm stitching on a log cabin quilt

The log cabin quilt pictured below is very large. The colors are stunning. This quilt has universal appeal.  It could be put with traditional or country decor. Notice the unique borders. It looks like a ribbon has been weaved through the fabric.  Most quilters, when they get to the end of a quilt, are too tired to take the time to make the borders special- but what a difference it makes to the quilt.  The borders are the picture frame of your quilt.

picture of a black, gray and black log cabin quilt

Artist Teri

The Log Cabin Quilt below is totally different from the other quilts on this page.  This one has cheerful, bright primary colors.  Same blocks, totally different feeling. What a great way to use up leftover bits of fabric.

picture of a bright log cabin quilt in primary colors

Artist Yvonne



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