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The Evening Star Quilting Block

picture of the evening star quilt block

The Evening Star is a beautiful star quilt block that makes good use of Quarter Square Triangles.

the grids of the evening star quilt blockThis is a 4-patch quilt block, further divided into 65 grids (8 across and 8 down.)   Looking at the grids of this block, you can see that there is a square in the center,  four Quarter Square Triangle blocks (one on the top, one on the bottom and one on each side.  The corner patches or grids are either small squares or small Half Square Triangles.

You learned how to make all these blocks in the Beginning section.  If you want to make this block using simple measurements, here is how you would make each section.

If you are making each grid to finish at 2 inches, the center would be cut 4 1/2 inches raw. It takes up 2 grids.  The Quarter Square Triangles also use 2 grids, so you would make them to finish at 4 inches also.

Each corner has 2 squares and 2 half square triangles.  The squares are one grid, so they would be cut at 2 1/2 inches raw. The Half Square Triangles finish the same as the squares.  So they would also be made to finish at 2 inches.

Refer to the links that take you to the instructional pages  to review how to make and size these blocks.  This block is not hard, it just has a lot of pieces.  Pay attention to value in your color choices, so that the star points will stand out.

You should be able to see this by now, but looking at the top left corner block, you have a square, and then a half square triangle to the right of it.  On the second row you start with a half square triangle and then have a square.

Just follow the placement of the patches.  If you are worried about accuracy with some of the small half square triangles, make them a little larger, and then cut them down.



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