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The Double Shoofly Quilting Block

picture of the double shoofly quilt block

The Double Shoofly Quilt Block is another 5-patch quilt block.  The Double Shoofly is like the regular Shoofly...on steroids.

picture of the grids of the double shoofly quilt blockLooking at the grid lines, you can see the 5 patches across, and 5 patches down

The easy way to make this block is to make 4 half square triangles for the 4 corners.  Planning each grid to finish at 2 inches, the half square triangles should be made to finish at 4 inches, as each half square triangles covers 4 grids.

When the corners are done, all you have left is to sew some 2 1/2 inch raw squares together per the colors on the picture.

As far as pressing,  the half square triangles will want to go toward the center of the block.

If you want to make a large quilt quickly,  5-patch quilts with 2-inch raw grids work up quickly.  Check out some of the other easy 5-patch blocks on the site.



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