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The Diagonal Steps Quilting Block

the diagonal steps quilting block

Here is a very easy and frugal scrappy quilt block made from nothing but squares.  As you can see from the picture above, the squares run diagonally up from the bottom left to the top right, giving a climbing stair affect.

You have to be mindful of value in this block, or you will not see the way the blocks make the diagonal line.

the grid lines of the diagonal steps blockThis block has been constructed using simple measurements, with each grid finishing at 2 inches.  The block finishes at 8 inches, or 8 1/2 inches raw.

Just cut your squares (or strips if you are strip piecing)  at 2 1/2 inches raw.  Lay them out as shown, sew and press.

This block is similar to the Diagonal Squares and the Irish Chain. Notice the difference.

The Irish Chain is a 9-patch, and has strong diagonal lines running in two directions.

The Diagonal Steps is a 5-patch, and only has a strong diagonal line in one direction.

The Diagonal Squares is a 4-patch, has a mixture of large and small squares, with strong diagonal lines in two directions.

The Irish Chain

The Diagonal Steps

The Diagonal Squares

the Irish chain quilting block

the diagonal steps quilting block

the diagonal squares quilting block

Notice also how the 4-patch blocks could be used side-by-side. You would have to use sashing strips if you wanted to place the 5-patch next to either of the other blocks.

Here is how the Diagonal Steps Block looks when placed with other similar blocks.  Never be afraid to make a quilt using simple blocks.  Some of the most beautiful quilts I've ever seen are constructed with nothing but squares.  It is the fabric and the repetition of the pattern that is so beautiful.

the diagonal steps quilting blockthe diagonal steps quilting blockthe diagonal steps quilting block



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