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The Crown Star Quilting Block

picture of the Crown Star Quilt Block

It is easy to see why this quilt block was named the Crown star. Although it is a star, the overall look resembles a crown.

the grids of the crown star quilting block There are a couple of ways to construct this block.  You could make it with all squares and half square triangles. However, if you want less seams (and a better looking block), you should make it with the square in a square technique, and then add the half square triangles and squares in the corners on the edges.

This is a 4-patch block, further divided into 16 grids.  The square in the center takes up two grids.  Look at the horizontal line going through the middle of the block to see the points on the square covering 2 grids.

Using simple measurements, and planning each grid to finish at 2 inches, you start with a 4 1/2 inch raw square for the center.

Note:  If you are fussy cutting the center block, remember that it will turn after the next step, so cut it on the diagonal.

To add the pieces that surround the square,  you add 3/8 of an inch to the size of the center square (raw), cut two more squres, and cut them in half diagonally.  Refer to the instructional Square in a Square Page  (method #2).

Finally you make your half square triangles and squares. These take up one grid. Follow the instructions on the Half Square Triangle Instruction page.

This is a great block for a sampler quilt, and as long as you pay attention to value, as with most blocks, it can be made scrappy and frugal.



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