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The Courthouse Log Cabin Quilt Block

picture of the courthouse log cabin quilting block

The log cabin quilt block has been around for a long time. The courthouse layout is just one way to make it.

The basic log cabin instructions are in the Beginning Blocks. The reason I have included this block in the "part 2" section is that the center has more patches. It also looks better with thinner strips and it can be a little harder to find more fabrics for each block.

Some people like to make their log cabin quilt blocks with just one light fabric, but the darker fabric is almost always changed on every round - or on this block, after you use it on both sides.

You can make this block any size.  The size of your block will depend on how big you make the center block, and how wide you cut the strips.

You can also make this block with a mini-block in the center, like in the Courthouse Shoofly block.

Courthouse Log Cabin quilt blockHere is a picture of the center.  Make a strip set for the vertical row, and then cut as many pieces as you need for the center of your blocks.  Cut rectangles and attach them to both sides.  You can speed up the process by cutting a very long strip, and then adding the cut striped pieces one after the other.  When you get to the end of the strip, you can cut them apart.

Now it is just a matter of starting to add the rounds.  As you can see from the picture at the top of the page, the top and bottom strips, in the dark color, are added first. The next strips, for the sides, will be longer, and are added next.

Keep going in this manner until you reach your desired size. 

Remember that this can be a very scrappy quilt- both the lights and the darks. Alsovalue color.  Some people like to make these blocks as they cut up their scraps. It is a fun and easy way to keep projects progressing and your sewing room more organized.



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