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The Connector Quilting Block

picture of the connector quilting block

The Connector Quilt Block is a very easy and frugal quilt block. It is a building block, and works well with other blocks.

picture of the connector basic quilting block with grids Looking at the grid lines, you can see it is a 9-patch block.

The easy way to make this block is to make 4 half square triangles for the 4 corners, and cut squares for the rest of the grids If you are making a lot of them, you can piece a strip set for the horizontal row going down the middle.

Press  the half square triangles toward the center on the first row.  To nest the seams, press the center square seams in the opposite direction (towards the outer edges). Press the bottom row same as the top row.

This is block makes up quickly.  Use simple measurements to make it finish at either 6 inches or 9 inches, with 2 1/2 inch raw or 3 1/2 inch raw squares. Or do the math, and make it any size you like.



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