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Charity quilts are quilts you make and donate to those who need them.  There are so many options when making quilts for charity.

Everyone from the Red Cross to  Fire Departments, Hospitals and Nursing Homes need quilts.  They provide comfort to babies, little children and the elderly.

Shelters accept quilts for beds and children.  Nursing homes accept small lap quilts for the elderly to keep them warm while sitting in their wheel chairs.

Most charity quilts are made from simple blocks that you can piece quickly.  They are frugal to make, and it is easy to design them yourself.

One of the easiest quilt to make for charity is a square block quilt.  Here is the link to technique that will make a speedy small quilt:  A Streak of Sunshine

Most charity quilts made less than 44 inches wide, so that you don't have to piece the backing. This size is good for children and the elderly.

If you are planning on donating to a specific facility, you need to check out their specifications.  Some facilities do not accept quilts that have been tied, as they feel they quilts do not stand up to repeated washings or are not safe.

Premie quilts are usually 16x24 inches, and must be hand or machine quilted. 

Crib size quilts are usually 36x36 inches; not to exceed 45x45 inches.

Nursing Home or Wheelchair quilts are pretty standard at 36x36 inches.  This size is large enough to provide warmth, but small enough not to get caught in the wheels of the wheelchairs.

No fabric ever needs to go to waste.  There is always a need and a place for a quilt. 



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