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#1 Blocks are beginning blocks 

 #2 Blocks are a little more challenging



Block Categories


4 Patches

icon of the anvil quilt block



icon of the hour glass quilt block

Hour Glass


icon lightning quilt block



icon of the picture frame quilt block

Picture Frame




5 Patches 


icon of the 5 patch friendship star quilt block

5 Patch Friendship Star


icon of the Baton Rouge Quilt Block

Baton Rouge Square


icon of the Georgia Quilt Block


icon of the Sister's Quilt Block

Sister's Choice



9 Patches

9 Patch in Squares




Card Trick


4 Patches in a 9 Patch




icon of the magnolia quilt block



icon of the rose quilt block



icon of the tulip quilt block



icon of the tulip quilt block

Tulip (2)



icon of the Center Square Geese quilt block

Center Square Geese


icon of the circling geese quilt block

Circling Geese

icon of the crossing geese quilt block

Crossing Geese


icon of the geese run quilt block

Geese Run


Log Cabins

icon of the log cabin chevron quilt block

icon of the log cabin courthouse quilt block



icon of the log cabin big center quilt block

Big Center Courthouse


icon of the log cabin with center shoofly quilt block

Courthouse Shoofly


Novelty and Misc


icon of a novelty black cat quilting block

Black Cat



Christmas Bulb



Ice Cream Cone



US Flag




Split Quarter Pinwheel


icon of the Star Puzzle Quilt Block

Star Puzzle


icon of the walking pinwheel quilt block

Walking Pinwheel


icon of the pinwheel windmill quilt block





icon of the sawtooth star quilt block

9 Patch
Sawtooth Star


icon of the sawtooth star quilt block

9 Patch
Sawtooth Star


icon of the crown star quilt block


icon of the double star quilt block

Double Star


icon of the evening star quilt block

Evening Star


icon of the 9-patch square in a star quilt block

 Square in Star



Quilt Sizes

tape measurer

Miniature <36"



  any size



Baby 36x36 up to 52x52
Lap 52-68 x 52-78


Twin 64-72 x 86-96
Full 70-88 x 88-100
Queen 88-99 x 94-108
King 94-108 x 94-108


The Quilt Gallery

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Beautiful and Creative quilts made with the frugal blocks featured on this site. 


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