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The Black Cat Quilting Block

black cat quilt block

This Black Cat Block is a great block to make for a Halloween quilt, an I-Spy Quilt or an ABC ("C" is for cat) Quilt. Obviously it can be made in other colors than black, but to distinguish it from other cat blocks that will be put up on this site, I am calling it the Black Cat Quilt Block.

picture of the grids of the black cat quilting blockThis block has 8 grids (or squares) across, and 8 squares down. 

You can make this block any size you want by adjusting the size of the squares or grids I made this block with 1-inch finished squares.  The finished size of the block is 8 inches, and each grid is 4 inch finished.

The easiest way to make this block is row by row, starting with the second row, and omitting the long strips on the sides.  You can attach them at the end.

You can make a  flying geese unit for the ears, and use the snowball method for the  feet.  Make half square triangles for the bow. 

 If you want to use a fusible grid,  make the half square triangles separately.

Once you have two rows done, take them to the ironing board.  Place them so the back is facing up.  You have to determine as you add each row which way to press the seams.  Press them so that either they are going in opposite directions (nesting), or the way they want to go.

Just continue adding rows. Then attach the long strips for the sides and top.

When you are done with your block you can add eyes (buttons or French knots, depending on the size of your cat), whiskers, etc.  However, if you are going to give your quilt to someone with a toddler in the house, there could be a safety problem with things like buttons. Wall hangings are more suitable for embellishments.

Have some fun with this one.



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