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The Album Quilting Block

a variation of the Album Quilt Block

There are many variations of Album Quilt Blocks.  The Album Quilt Blocks were created so people could make "Memory Quilts."  With a memory quilt,  the whole quilt is usually made from one block.  The center is made in a light color, so that people in a group or organization can sign their names or make comments.  Then these quilts are presented to one special person.

However, these blocks are pretty on their own, and are often used in sampler quilts.

the grids of the album quilt block

This 9-patch block is made with grids using a diagonal setting.  You made the squares and rectangles for the diagonal rows first, and then add the side triangles, and finally the corner squares. 

Remember that you never want the bias on the outside edge, so you will be making quarter square triangles for the sides, and half square triangles for the corners.

Follow the links to the instructional pages on how to calculate the size of these setting triangles and corner squares.

As far as the squares in the block, you can made one large rectangle for 3 of the grids.  If you want to make a lot of these blocks, you would want to make strip sets for the rows to speed up the process.

After all your rows are done, (including attaching the side triangles), then you sew them together and put on the corners.

This block requires careful trimming when completed.  The side triangles and corners never come out perfect, so you must trim the block square, remembering to leave the 1/4 inch seam allowance on every side.

Have some fun making this block.  Make it in simple measurements, and keep it to add to a sampler quilt.



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