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The 9-Patch in Squares Quilting Block

picture of the 9-patch in squares quilting block

The 9-patch in Squares Block is a great quilting block to make use of your scraps.  You can make  

the grids of the 9-patch in squares quilting blockYou can make every piece of this block in a different fabric, as long as you pay attention to value.

As you can see from the grids on above, this block is actually a 4 patch block, further divided into 16 grids. However, this block is not constructed following the grids.  First you make the 9-patch unit for the center, and then you use the square in a square technique to add the two rounds.

If you want to use Simple Measurements, make the block with 1 inch finished grids. Your center 9-patch will use 1 1/2 inch raw squares, and finish at 3 inches.

After your center is finished, add your first round.  You can use the Quarter Square Triangle measurements to cut a block to get the four pieces of the first round.  Add 1 1/4 inches to the size of the finished block (which is 3 inches),  to cut a square 4 1/4 inches raw.  (Refer to the Quarter Square Triangle Page).  Cut this on the diagonal twice, and you have the first round (which is black in the picture).

Your final round needs to be cut from Half Square Triangles, so that the edges will be stable.  Again, following the instructions on the Half Square Triangle page, cut two squares 3 7/8 inches raw,  and cut them once on the diagonal.

Remember when you add the triangles, do opposite sides first, press, and then do the last two sides.  Also, these blocks will need careful trimming after each round.  Remember to leave the 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Get your scraps out, and have some fun with this one.



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