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The 5 Patch Friendship Star  Quilt Block

the 5 patch Friendship Star Quilt Block.

There are many variations of the Friendship Star Quilt Block.  This is one of them.  The most unique thing about this block that it is made into a 5-patch block. The grids are easy to see with this block- 5 across and 5 down.  The patches are are very simple- either squares or Half Square Triangles. the grids of a friendship star variation in a 5 patch quilt block

The Half Square Triangles on the outside look a little like wings.  If this block were made with large patches, it would look unique with a small butterfly print in those grids.

Cut your squares, and make your Half Square Triangles. Then sew them \together. 

Use Simple Measurements, and use this block with other 5-patch blocks if you like.  You are more limited with 5-patch blocks, as there are not as many of them. 

You can combine these blocks with other blocks by adding filler strips, sashing, etc., but you will have more harmony if you keep the block grids similar.



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