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The 4-Patches in a 9 -Patch Quilt Block

4 patch blocks in a 9 patch block quilt block

Here is another 9-patch block that can make good use of scraps and make a very frugal quilt and has some great design possibilities. 

As you can see from the picture below, 4 of the patches of this block are solid squares, and 5 of the patches are made from 4-patch quilt blocks.

The 4 patch block is explained in the instructional pages.  If you want your block and quilt to have a lot of diagonal movement, pay attention of value.

One decision you have to make on the 4 patches is whether you want to take the time to remove the 3 stitches from the center that will remove some of the bulk from that area.  Try it both ways, and then make your decision.

You can make this block with very small 4 patches, or you can make it with larger ones.  This is a very fast block to make when you use large Simple Measurements. While this block is a 9 patch, it is further divided into 36 grids.  If you finish the smaller grids at 2 inches,  the larger grid will finish at 4 inches, and the block will finish at 12 inches.

Then, if you put solid blocks next to these 12 inch blocks, the quilt will be very quick to make.  This design option makes good use of large floral prints that you do not want to cut up.  See the picture below to see an example of this design possibility.

You can also make a speedy quilt using just this block, and perhaps adding lattice between the blocks.

Have some fun with fabric with this block and give it some personality.   Use up your scraps, or make good use of those big floral prints in your stash.

4 patches in a 9-patch quilt block layoutpicture of a large floral print fabric4 patches in a 9-patch quilt block layout




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